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Is Mexican Food Influenced By Spain?

Spain colonized Mexico, which spanned 300 years starting in 1521. Undoubtedly, it left marks on the country, including its influences on Mexican food. They definitely brought their ingredients and cooking techniques, eventually becoming integral to Mexican cuisine.  Before colonization, naturally, Mexicans used native ingredients available for their indigenous dishes. When the Spaniards arrived, they also introduced many things about cooking, including the following:   Chiles: Many Mexican dishes become even more flavorful because of chiles. This ingredient is best to add when making salsas, stews, sauces, and marinades. Way back, Spaniards introduced particular chiles—the Capsicum annuum family of peppers, including jalapeños, serranos, and poblanos. These are spicier, less sweet, more vegetal, and slightly smoky taste than the native Mexican squash-shaped peppers.  Jalapeños is one of the known chiles and can be served fresh or pickled. Serranos have a hotter profile than jalapeños and are best for dishes like salsas and sauces. On the other hand, Chipotles are smoked jalapeños that have a subtle smoky flavor, while guajillos are dried chiles with a mild heat level and fruity taste.  Chorizo: This type of sausage originated in Spain and has become a popular ingredient in Mexican cuisine. It can be any of the […]

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Why Are Radishes Often Served With Mexican Food?

It is a fact that radishes are served with most Mexican food today. It is also said that they are a very strong antidote to some types of poison. However, the origin of this tradition is rather less well-known. Here is the story of how radishes came to be associated with Mexican food. Why are radishes often served with Mexican food? Radishes are often served with Mexican food because they are a cooling vegetable that helps to cleanse the palate between bites of spicy food. Additionally, they are nutrient-rich vegetable that provides some essential vitamins and minerals. How did the use of radishes in Mexican food start What is the history behind the radish in Mexican food? Most likely, the radish made its way into Mexican cuisine as a result of the Spaniards’ arrival in the 16th century. Radishes were one of the few vegetables that grew easily in the New World, and since they were nutritious and spicy, they quickly became a staple in the Mexican diet. Today, radishes are used in a variety of Mexican dishes, including salsas, tacos, and enchiladas. They add a crunchy texture and a spicy flavor to these dishes, and they can be eaten […]

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Are Burritos Real Mexican Food?

Are Burritos Real Mexican Food

We know that Mexican food is famous around the world not just because of its exotic flavors but also because of its fusion with Californian food. But is a burrito which is a Californian invention real Mexican food? Or has it taken away its soul? What is a burrito A burrito is a type of Mexican-style food consisting of a wheat flour tortilla wrapped around a filling. Burritos are one of the most popular Mexican dishes in the United States. The origins of the burrito are unknown, but the dish is thought to have been invented in northern Mexico or the American Southwest. The word “burrito” is derived from the Spanish word “burro”, meaning “donkey”. The burrito was originally called a “burro” because it was a typical working man’s lunch, which could be eaten while riding a donkey. Burritos can be filled with a variety of ingredients, including meat, cheese, beans, rice, and vegetables. The most popular type of burrito is the “bean and cheese” burrito, which is made with refried beans and cheese. Other popular burrito fillings include chicken, beef, pork, and barbacoa. Burritos are usually served with salsa, sour cream, and guacamole. They can be eaten as a […]

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What Are Some Tips To Make Mexican Rice?

Craving for a different and tasteful rice? Mexican rice is sure to do the trick, whether it’s for impressing your guests or adding some excitement to your meal. It has bold flavors, different textures, and vibrant colors, which make it stand out from other rice dishes. The extraordinary things about Mexican Rice Mexican rice is distinctive because it has a special mix of ingredients that brings a unique taste. Typically, it has onions, garlic, jalapeño peppers, tomatoes, and cilantro. Then, spices like chili powder or cumin further make it even more impactful, while adding pinto beans or corn creates a unique texture. Lastly, red, green, and yellow peppers give the Mexican rice eye-catching vibrant colors.   What’s more, this food is incredibly versatile. Spice it up with cheese, sour cream, or salsa for a more delightful twist. Furthermore, Mexican rice is a good side dish, a main course, or even the star of the meal. To enjoy Mexican rice, you may make it personally or conveniently order from a restaurant like Blue Corn. An important thing to remember is this dish is undoubtedly tasteful if it has high-quality ingredients. It is ideal for picking the best options for long-grain white rice, […]

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What Is The Best Rice For Making Burritos? 

Burritos can be eaten as a meal or snack, served as a breakfast dish, or even used as an ingredient in other recipes. These also can be stuffed with anything from simple fillings to complex combinations of ingredients. And often, burritos are combined with rice for a complete Mexican-style meal.  The perfect kind of rice for burritos The best rice for making burritos is short-grain white rice. It has a sticky texture that keeps all the fillings together in the wrap. This one also cooks quickly and evenly, so you don’t have to worry about under or overcooking it.  Many use jasmine or basmati rice for an even better flavor and aroma. Cilantro lime rice is also one of the recommended types. If you’re looking for a bit of spice, try adding Mexican-style seasonings like chili powder, cumin, garlic powder, and oregano.  Know the different ways to make Mexican rice. What’s good about combining rice with burritos? It not only adds flavor and texture, but the combination of rice and burritos is also a great way to savor a nutritional meal. Rice adds starchy carbohydrates that give lasting energy. Meanwhile, the burrito provides protein and healthy fats. You can customize […]

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What Are The Mexican Food For Kids?

Mexican food is famous for being spicy and rich in flavor. However, it can be hard to find some of the best Mexican food recipes for kids. With the right recipes, you can find nice Mexican food for kids with all of the same flavors and spices as adult recipes. You just have to know where to look. Mexican food is an interesting and varied mix of flavors. Mexican food is a really fun way to eat. It’s got a nice blend of spices and flavors that work well for both meat-eaters and herbivores! While it can take a little getting used to, it’s a very satisfying cuisine.  You can get stuffed peppers, and spicy tacos and you can even get a nice vegetarian variation. It is a great way to enjoy a meal and eat with your hands! The flavors and spices in Mexican food have been around for thousands of years and have been influencing the food we have today. Not only is the food delicious, but it is also very healthy. What are the top three Mexican foods for kids? When it comes to feeding their kids, parents usually look for fast food joints to grab burgers, […]

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What’s The Best Way To Tell If A Mexican Restaurant Is Authentic? 

What's the best way to tell if a Mexican restaurant is authentic

Dining at a restaurant is not merely about eating delicious food. It is also about a gastronomic experience encompassing the ambiance and savoring authentic food. Thus, it is ideal to know if you choose a Mexican restaurant that offers authentic cuisine for real.  Importance of knowing if a Mexican Restaurant is authentic  These days, you can find Mexican restaurants that say they are authentic. While there are indeed many like them, some may be the opposite. Knowing if a restaurant is genuine in its promises can offer benefits like these:  It allows you to make informed decisions about what to order. Authentic cuisine is usually based on traditional recipes and preparation methods. It ensures the dishes are true to their original form and flavor. Furthermore, when eating authentic cuisine, you can be sure you’re getting a taste of the region or culture it comes from. Then, you get an even deeper appreciation of cooking style and its connection to culture.   It provides you insight into a restaurant’s commitment to quality. Not only will this help you get the most out of your dining experience, but it also makes you support establishments maintaining traditional recipes and methods. In that manner, your […]

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What Are Some Popular Mexican Foods?

What are some popular Mexican foods

Mexican food is a huge part of Mexican culture. It is very popular in the United States and can be found in just about every city across the country. Here are some of the most popular Mexican foods that you can find almost anywhere. Understanding Mexican cuisine Mexican cuisine is one of the most varied and stunning in the world. It is a melting pot of indigenous, European, and African flavors and techniques, with a wide variety of ingredients that can be used. Some of the most popular Mexican dishes include tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and enchiladas. But there are many other dishes that are just as popular, such as chiles Rellenos, mole poblano, chorizo, and carnitas. Each region of Mexico has its own specialties, so it’s hard to generalize about Mexican cuisine. But there are a few ingredients that are featured in many dishes. Corn is one of the most important ingredients in Mexican cuisine. It is used to make tortillas, tamales, and other dishes. Beans are also a staple ingredient and are used in dishes such as frijoles refritos, chile Rellenos, and burritos. Chiles is another ingredient that is used in many Mexican dishes. There are many different types […]

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What Is Your Favorite Mexican Dessert?

What is your favorite Mexican dessert

You may already have checked out some of the best Mexican dishes. Now, it’s time to explore the best Mexican desserts that are both simple and luxurious. With this blog, we will take a look at some of the best desserts in Mexico and make sure that you never leave the country without trying at least one of them. A short intro to Mexican desserts. Mexican desserts are some of the tastiest desserts in the world. With a variety of different types of desserts, there’s something for everyone in Mexico. One of the most popular desserts in Mexico is flan. The custard-like dessert is made out of milk, eggs, and sugar. Tres Leches Cake is another great dessert. It consists of three kinds of milk and is topped with whipped cream. It’s creamy, moist, and the perfect dessert to end your meal on a sweet note. If Mexican desserts are your thing, then Mexico is definitely the place to be! Tres leches One of their most popular desserts is tres leches cake. It is a delicious dessert made with three types of milk, including condensed and evaporated. The cake is soaked in milk and topped with whipped cream. The deliciousness […]

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What Are Some Simple Mexican Dishes? 

What Are Some Simple Mexican Dishes 

Mexican cuisine can be complex as some dishes require several ingredients and specific cooking techniques. However, there are also simple and yet, tastefully satisfying. Here are some examples of these. Taco is one of the most well-known and simple Mexican dishes. It consists of small, round tortillas made from corn or wheat, filled with various ingredients such as meat, cheese, vegetables, beans, and sauce.  The filling is topped with condiments such as salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and, optionally, cilantro.  Enchilada is a corn tortilla roll stuffed with meat or cheese and covered in a spicy red or green sauce. The filling for an enchilada also varies. It can be with ground beef or turkey, chicken, beans, and cheese. On the other hand, the toppings can range from traditional enchilada sauce to salsa verde or a spicy chili pepper sauce. Enchiladas are also incredibly versatile and can be either vegetarian-friendly or full of protein.  Quesadilla is a flour or corn tortilla filled with cheese and other ingredients such as chicken, beef, or vegetables. Its tortilla is either grilled or fried with cheese and fillings inside. And it can serve as a main or in smaller portions as an appetizer.  Quesadillas are […]

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