What Can I Eat At A Mexican Restaurant That Is Keto-friendly? 

What Can I Eat At A Mexican Restaurant That Is Keto-friendly Keto or Ketogenic diet has been getting attention primarily for weight loss, but it is also deemed helpful for other medical conditions. If you are also into this diet, checking your intake of fat and carbohydrates is a must. So what can you order in a Keto-friendly Mexican restaurant?

Is Mexican food keto-friendly? 

What is particular about the keto diet is it is low in carbohydrates (about 5%) but high in fat (70%) and a bit of protein (25%). It is different from the standard eating habit of many, especially since carbohydrates are present in tasty and satisfying foods. What’s more, it’s the typical body’s primary energy source. On the other hand, the keto diet directs the body to use stored fat or ketones as fuel, eventually triggering weight loss. But besides this, keto is helpful for patients with epilepsy, diabetes, heart disease, and other medical conditions. 

Having this information about keto, it is no wonder why many follow this diet. And the best part is that gourmets need not deprive themselves of craving Mexican food. It’s a flavorful cuisine yet rich with nutritious elements fit for the Keto diet.

Generally, plenty of Mexican dishes are considered keto-friendly. It is because of vegetables and fruits in the ingredients. Plus, there are foods you can choose if served with rice, tortilla, or beans like Machaca. It points to being mindful of what side item to add or the combination in your meal. For example, opt for salads rather than rice and beans. You may need to let go of chips and tortillas.

The Mexican food that is Keto-friendly

So what precisely in Mexican cuisine is keto-friendly? Here are some items to check next time you dine or order

Pico de Gallo – Salsa is a regular in Mexican cuisine and can be an excellent healthy condiment. Pico de Gallo is a product of combining cilantro, jalapeño, onion, and tomato.

Guacamole – Craving for something a fruity dip? Guacamole is all about naturally fat-rich and low-carb avocado. It is smashed and goes with cilantro, onion, jalapeño, tomato, or lime juice. Typically, it is a chip dip, but you may replace it with other options like lettuce. 

Chorizo – It is pork or beef-made sausage served in good-to-eat slices or as part of other dishes. 

Ceviche – Great for seafood lovers, Ceviche contains all or any fish, scallop, squid, or shrimps cured in lime or lemon. 

Fajita – If you like beef or chicken, which are rich in protein, go for this dish. Here you get striped chicken or beef with chopped bell pepper and onion. Usually, fajita is served in a carbohydrates-rich tortilla, so you may opt to eat only this filling.

What Can I Eat At A Mexican Restaurant That Is Keto-friendly 

Camarones a la diabla – It is another good suggestion for seafood foodies. Camarones a la diabla’s main ingredient is shrimp cooked with dried chilies. This dish is so spicy that it’s called “shrimp of the devil.”

Birria – Do you want something extraordinary? Although you can have a beef version of it, Birria features soup or stew made of goat or sheep meat cooked with chiles, herbs, and spices.

All of these are high in fat but have moderate carb contents. And these are just a glimpse of many Mexican foods that are Keto-friendly. There is more dip, sauce, snack, or dish to discover for your craving and keto diet requirement in your favorite Mexican Restaurant. 

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