What Is The Best Way to Tell If a Mexican Restaurant is Authentic?

What Is The Best Way to Tell If a Mexican Restaurant is Authentic

The Mexican food scene in the United States has changed drastically over the last few years. There are a lot of restaurants that claim to serve authentic Mexican food but most of them end up serving Americanized versions of Mexican food. This is not to say that all Mexican restaurants in the United States are not authentic.

If you want to find out if a Mexican restaurant is authentic, then you need to look beyond the menu and examine the characteristics of the restaurant itself.

Simplicity Is Vital

Numerous Mexican eateries in the American style provide burritos the size of a small pillow. Typically, these burritos are filled with meat, rice, beans, salsas, and vegetables.

Burritos and tacos in real Mexican food in Grapevine, Texas include just the correct quantity of ingredients. The more basic, the better.

The same principle applies to your taco. Authentic cuisine includes lime, cilantro, and onion; lettuce and tomato indicate Americanization. In addition, if the restaurant does not have cilantro, it is not authentic.

Moreover, keep an eye out for “double-decker” meal selections. Burritos, tacos, and tostadas should never consist of more than one layer.

You can hear people speak Spanish

If you have ever tried to find a Mexican restaurant that is fresh, authentic, and healthy, then you have probably had trouble. Finding a place that will serve you what you are looking for is tough. There are so many options for unhealthy meals and bland ingredients.

One way to ensure that you will find an authentic Mexican restaurant is to look for places that are heavily populated by Hispanic customers. That is probably one of the most accurate ways to know if a restaurant is authentic or not.

Take Notice of the Salsa

While not all meals must be spicy, any decent Mexican restaurant should include hot salsa.
Bonus points if the eatery serves homemade tortilla chips with its salsa. A mild salsa with huge tomato chunks, pico de gallo is more American than apple pie.

Corn tortillas

What Is The Best Way to Tell If a Mexican Restaurant is Authentic

In most Tex-Mex restaurants, large flour tortillas play a central role. In a genuine Mexican restaurant, corn tortillas take center stage. A traditional corn tortilla is approximately the size of your hand, not a dinner plate.

Additionally, tacos should always be served on soft tortillas. Tacos with a hard shell are an American creation. To obtain a firm tortilla, request a tostada.

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