What Is Your Favorite Mexican Dessert?

What is your favorite Mexican dessert

You may already have checked out some of the best Mexican dishes. Now, it’s time to explore the best Mexican desserts that are both simple and luxurious. With this blog, we will take a look at some of the best desserts in Mexico and make sure that you never leave the country without trying at least one of them.

A short intro to Mexican desserts.

Mexican desserts are some of the tastiest desserts in the world. With a variety of different types of desserts, there’s something for everyone in Mexico. One of the most popular desserts in Mexico is flan. The custard-like dessert is made out of milk, eggs, and sugar. Tres Leches Cake is another great dessert. It consists of three kinds of milk and is topped with whipped cream. It’s creamy, moist, and the perfect dessert to end your meal on a sweet note. If Mexican desserts are your thing, then Mexico is definitely the place to be!

Tres leches

One of their most popular desserts is tres leches cake. It is a delicious dessert made with three types of milk, including condensed and evaporated. The cake is soaked in milk and topped with whipped cream. The deliciousness of this dessert is like no other. If you are looking for a dessert to serve at your next party or to bring over to a friend’s place, tres leches cake is the way to go.


The Mexican dessert flan is a sweet and rich dessert that has a light custard touch to it. It is excellent with a slice of apple. You can enjoy the flan either cold or hot. You can eat it with or without sauce or syrup. This dessert is an excellent dessert to have with your family on a Sunday afternoon. It is so rich that you will probably only have one slice of it. Flan is very flavorful, so be sure not to eat too much of it, or you will get a stomach ache.

Marie biscuit

What is your favorite Mexican dessert

Marie Biscuits are delicious cookies made with real chocolate and lashings of butter. The Marie biscuit recipe originated in France, where it is also sometimes known as “petits fours”. Marie biscuits have been popular in Mexico since the 1960s.

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